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  1. Installation Mavericks driving me nuts....

    I have full connection to the internet... and still it doesn't work.. i even tried the new macpawn installer with Yosemite and even that doesn't work
  2. Hi guys, I have been fighting with my Mavericks installation for already a few days and keep reading and trying it just doesn't want to work for me. MSI probox... Cpu: Intel i3-4130 Motherboard: MSI H81Ti Memory: 4GB DDR3 1600 mhz Display: Inter® HD Graphics 4400 128GB SSD Want to use it as a home Apple media server / center Ok to start with i got a MSI pro box and currently running crappy windows 8.1 All my other machines at home ar Apple and im really happy with those machine. Now i tried a cheaper version of making my own Apple machine with this MSI pro box. ( did not work so far) I used unibeast and used the original Mavericks app from the apple store... ( did not work .. machines keeps rebooting when i see the apple logo) I used Myhack and used the original Mavericks app from the apple store .... ( did not work .. machine keeps rebooting when i see the apple logo) Keeps rebooting and rebooting. I tried to use the commands: GraphicsEnabler=no / yes -v -f -x -s but still no result. Than i tried to install Mountain Lion and i thought i went better because the computer did not reboot... but in the end the machine froze and did not wanted to work so i had to reboot and reboot and reboot etc. and still no result. Guys i have no idea what to do now and i'm not that kind of expert of going really deep into the hack. So guys if you have a simple easy " noob " solutions for this noob and than im talking about myself please let me know how to fix this puppy because it starts to work on my nerves and tempting to trow this of my 37 store high apartment rooftop. Thanks in advanced.