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  1. Haswell kernel not found

    Hello everybody I followed every step of niresh's guide but am still unable to launch the installation. It gives me a kernel panic but I'm not sure where I should start to look to solve the problem. I tried to boot with the "haswell" boot arg but gave me ".../kernel/haswell not found" if I try "/haswell" it starts booting but I'm not sure if the right kernel is loaded... The furthest I got in booting is a rule that says "debugger not configured. Hanging." and can't seem to find a way to fix it. I am a total noob but after dozen of hours re-intalling and searching the web I finally turn to you guys for help. What boot arg's should I use ? Also, should I install a custom kernel ? Thanks in advance Me Ps: my specs: Model : Asus 550LF Processor : i7 4500u RAM : 8GB DDR3 Graphics : Nvidia GeForce GT 745M OS : Windows 8.1 Pro