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  1. how to delete voodoo hda

    System/Library/Extensions and to delete the vodoo config app from the control panel just right click and delete it
  2. Yosemite on AMD-FX Processors

    Try with /amdfx npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=No -v wlan didnt work for me, or at least the wifi utility it crashed, however I installed mine with another kext
  3. Well that happened to me too Once you get past the language selection and gives you the option to continue (the red hackintosh logo i beleive) open the disk utility, sometimes it launches, sometimes you get like a blurred image of the disk utility, however you can move over and click any option and it works. Dont open the utility disk once the screen gives you the option to install (it says that you are seeing that screen because your computer is able to install the OS) or it hangs there. It's kinda tricky really I had problems also with my crossfire but well I just unplugged the power from one card and it worked
  4. once the installer finishes I boot with the usb loader and add the GraphicsEnabler=No but thats for my videocard
  5. It worked for me with only this options: /amdfx -v npci=0x3000 It takes time to load the installer and sometimes the language selection doesnt work well after I click it So I used fn+enter to continue de installation sometimes it hangs but give it time to continue the installation once u started the process AMD fx-8350, radeon 7970ghz, GA-990x-ud5 here also the ethernet controller didnt work for me, had to get another kext to install it