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  1. Hey Guys, is there someone who can help me? My Broadcom 57781 is not working look at the screenshot.
  2. Ethernet Not Working

    I need help guys. Because a new CPU i needed to reinstall Mavericks. Now I cant get the Network become working like before. I installed the IONetworkingfamilykext like before with Kextwizzard, but now if I press + (add Network) nothing happens In the Systemprofil there is no Networkcard detected. And Location in Network Settings is empty too Does some one know how to fix this? Specs: / Mavericks by Niresh Updated to 10.9.1 AMD FX 6300 (before Phenom 945) HD 7950 Asrock Extreme 3 990FX NETWORK CHIP Brodcom 57781
  3. Dell Optiplex 380 install fine, no NIC try this kext for bcm 57781
  4. I have the same issu, and the same Hardware....