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  1. Two weeks later. Did you have time to look into creating a working ISO file? I am waiting for it.
  2. Three days ago… any news?
  3. Trying to install in VMware ESXi. The installer VMDK I created (converted from the USB VDI drive I used to boot the VirtualBox machine) does not boot. In Parallels 10, neither the DMG nor the VMDK are bootable. Any ideas from your side? How can I install in ESXi? Can you provide a Yosemite-Zone.iso, please?
  4. Installer works fine, at 90 or 95% the installation is aborted. Full install log is attached. After reboot from hard disk, Chameleon complains about error parsing plist file, but continues boot. Stops at appearing mouse cursor on progress bar screen. Assuming these errors result from installation aborted. VirtualBox running on Linux kernel 3.13.0-39-generic Intel Core i7-2600 Machine settings: Guest = OSX generic 64-bit 2 GB RAM 2 processors VT-x enabled, PAE/NX enabled, VT-x unrestricted enabled, VT-x VPID enabled, HPET enabled EFI disabled 128 MB GRAM Booting from installer VDI file (copied to from Mavericks VM which is running on same host) Installationsprotokoll 10-Nov-2014.txt