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  1. Graphics issues on Yosemite

    does not work
  2. 10.10.1 no amd fx kernal

    same problem here buddy
  3. Graphics issues on Yosemite

    Didn't work
  4. Graphics issues on Yosemite

    Asus m5a97 Le r2.0 Will try that later
  5. Graphics issues on Yosemite

    Already tried it, nothing nv_disable=1 makes very laggy but it only works that way, i think i need a driver that works perfectly with my gpu gtx 650
  6. Graphics issues on Yosemite

    I am on gtx 650 and amd fx 8350. I did a clean install and i can't boot without nv_disable=1 . I installed the nvidia web driver but no help . I think its an nvda(openGL):exception error Please help
  7. graphics problem has been detected

    did you guys fix it? how ? having the same problem and booting with nv_disabler=1 very laggy please tell the fix
  8. No signal on Yosemite boot

    After a clean and successful install, when booting to yosemite i automatically land into verbose mode and after a few lines i get a no signal on my monitor and the monitor turns off I have already tried grafix but it made the situation worse. Any suggestions? Amd fx-8350 Gtx650 Ram 8gb
  9. mavericks bootloader in yosemite

    hi, i previously installed the niresh mavericks distro on my amd pc and it works flawlessly. But i am trying to dual boot mavericks and yosemite on the same hard drive, is there any way i can do it, i get the error mach_kernel not found, thanks