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  1. Hi All,Finally, after a attempt number 50, I've managed to install Yosemite (Niresh image) to my Elitedesk 800 G1 usdt. My config : i5 - 4GB Ram - 500 GB HDD - Intel HD4600 VGA - Haswell Everything besides the VGA (Intel HD4600) works, the intel HD4600 gets reported in the config, but only 3MB of ram is being addressed, so the screen is a bit shocky ....How did I install :- Last Niresh yosemity build- 8 GB new USB stick - Booted with /haswell- repartioned HD to 1 partition of 120 GB (instead of the full disk, it fails when full disk)- when it rebooted, start with -s first, fsck -fy, mount -uw /, grafix backup all, rebootThat's all So ... if any of you have an idea on how to get the video working properly, please let me know.Chris