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  1. Maverick I installed on my PC that has an AMD FX 6300, over the intallation the PC automatically restarts and the MAC OS X but unfortunately it remains stuck to the screen with the apple. (I installed Maverick on a partition of my hard disk and I also have Windows 8.1 on an SSD, I do not know if that's the problem). I say solved, but now there is another problem, writing this: GraphicsEnabler = No nv_disable = 1 -v can skip the screen apple and makes me enter all the data, but after a while it stops and you see the service written. What's the matter? And how to solve
  2. Hello to all guys, I have a problem, I put the file dmg Yosemite-Zone on the stick through the program TransMac (So using Windows), once prepared the stick I start the boot part and the beginning of the installation, however this for a milli second, like a flash and the PC restarts, I tried with -ve things like that but nothing, solutions? I have an AMD FX 6300. Thank you.