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  1. White screen after boot

    I got it to boot using these parameters: -v npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No -x Now I'm in OS X Mavericks. The only problem I see is the screen refresh is very very very low.... Any fix? My graphics are like supper choppy. Takes 4 secs to open a safari new tab because it's trying to cope with processing the graphic animation... Go figure Maybe because of that graphicsenabler=no boot command? My specs are: Republic of gamers crosshair v formula-z mother board GeForce gtx 680 Ocz 128gb SSD
  2. White screen after boot

    I've searched the whole net for a fix. Can't seem to find one. I'm new to hackintoshing, and I've never ever owned a hackintosh (I own several Mac computers). I have an AMD FX machine in which I installed the Niresh AMD Mavericks distro on it flawlessly by booting the installation with the "amdfx" appendix. The thing is, after the install I can't get the OS to boot. All I get is a white screen after the apple logo. I've tried all the commands I could find on the web, nothing works. I read somewhere that maybe the fact that I'm using a SSD drive could be the issue. Could you guys agree to that? If it is then it sucks bad because SSD drives rock. Anyways, any ideas on what could I do to get this party started? Thanks in advance!!!