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  1. Solved, It doesn't actually happen with my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, I imagined that. The issue lied with the Balance.
  2. Fake SMC is installed and loaded but not nullcpu. Won't nullcpu break my sleep ability?
  3. It's very hard to describe this, so I uploaded a video of the issue. First, listen to the trashcan sound then the undo sound. You'll notice the sounds are cut short and don't sound right. It's as if the audio is asleep and wakes up to play the sound but doesn't wake up quick enough or something. When I play audio from Youtube or spotify, it full wakes up the audio and it starts working correctly (as you can see in the second part of the video). I use USB interfaces, both Propellerhead Balance and Scarlett 6i6, both have the same issue which didn't occur in Mavericks. Is there some modification I need to do to a kext somewhere? Something related to audio kexts going to sleep or idle? Thanks, GP HARDWARE: Gigabyte Z5S Sniper Corsair 1866MHZ RAM Core i7 4770k Processor GTX 760 Graphics Card