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  1. Installed successfully but cannot reboot whitout USB

    when i boot without usb stick there goes the screen off and reboots i see no errors? should i have i try? with Chameleon Wizard? I have nothing to loose because i setup mac but have no working stuff on it. Until it works ^^
  2. Installed successfully but cannot reboot whitout USB

    When i use Chameleon Wizard and update the Bootloader is it possible this way??? greets Tom
  3. Hi there. I installed Niresh 10.9 Mavericks on my AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE with an Asrock 990FX Extreme 4 MOBO 8 GB Corsair Vengence and a Radeon HD7750 1GB GDDR5. When i Make an USB Installer with my Macbook Pro 15" then i Install Niresh. When i start my PC and use F11 to get to Boot Menu i select the MAC HD. then it loads and Hackintosh does not boot up. I only get into Desktop with help from USB Install stick. Then i can Boot to Mavericks HDD. Is there no Bootloader in the Niresh DMG file and i have to Install the Chameleon?? Because i select in the Customize option Chameleon Bootloader. But it does not boot.... I have an UEFI Bios but with Clover i have the same Issues. i have no idea what to do..... At this time i use Mega Torch. Hope someone can help me... MFG Tom
  4. ALC892 with fresh installed Niresh Mavericks!

    Not working. The only sound i get is with voodoohda 2.8.4 and there i have that crackling sound
  5. ALC892 with fresh installed Niresh Mavericks!

    Eh i tryed it but no sound with alc892 kext. Only with voodoohda and there i have crackling sounds
  6. Hi im new and i really don't know what to do now!!! I Fresh installed Nireshs Mavericks. Then OS Booting up and i came to the Desktop. Sound everything is installed. BUT! When i play Music over Quicktime Player or Safari(Youtube or other ones) i have normal Sound. But when i play a mp3 File with Spacebar(Preview) or in Itunes or in Logic X i have Crackling Sound issues! What shall i do?! i tried Many kexts and the only one i get sound is the Standart Niresh installed VoodooHDA! PLS HELP me i am DJ an i making Mashups and own Tracks and i need Correct Sound in Logic X!!! PS: Yes i have a Macbook 15 inch but i want to use my PC for working stuff and my Laptop only for Gigs! Greetz Tom