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  1. Boot stuck in PCI configuration end

    Can you writte down your BIOS and Customise tab settings (on the Yosemite Zone installer)?
  2. Boot stuck in PCI configuration end

    Mine stuck here about 15 minutes too and after this it steps to Resetting IOCatalogue. The USBBusFix does not work for me.
  3. Hi, I installed the Yosemite Zone with -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes. The installation went smooth and at the Customize tab I added the correct boot flags. But after the installation I cannot boot normally (only safe mode with -x). You can see in the attechement what can I get. If I try to boot with wired keyboard and mouse I dont get the last line but also stuck at PCI Configuration end. Have you got any idea to solve this. My system: Asus P8H61-M LX (Rev. 3.0) Intel i5 2500 (Sandy Bridge) Nvidia Geforce Gts 450 8 Gb Ram (Kingstone) Kingstone V300 240 Gb SSD Thank you!