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  1. Boot after installation

    thank you for the info. Last night I downloaded the latest VoodooHDA and this corrected the problem. So Yosemite is working with everything I will normally use.
  2. Boot after installation

    After several evenings and the whole yesterday I finally have Yosemite working just fine. I just need to fix the Audio because I can only use headphones. I know is the AppleHDA and not the VoodooHDA because I remove it and still the same. I think this is fixable I just need to keep on working with it.
  3. Boot after installation

    A follow up on my installation. Up and running I need to fix ethernet/wireless, video and sound. The kext for the ethernet/wireless that worked with ML/Mavericks are reported by Yosemite as "tainted". This is like windows "driver not signed". This is my NIC Qualcom Atheros AR8152 v1.1 with ALXEthernet.kext and WiFI Atheros 9285 with IO80211Family.kext. (For ML/Mavericks) Does anyone know if they are some updates for this, suitable for Yosemite or force yosemite to accept them like I do with Windows drivers? P.S. When I got at the desktop Yosemite was:"reparing permissions and updating system caches" ???
  4. Boot after installation

    jchavez thank you for the reply it encouraged me to continue. After looking at the install log there was an indication about the MBR. I started a new installation on a new hard disk and use GUID Partition. I was ablte to get in safe mode after "exit" now i know i need to correct the video part e.g remove all intel, amd, ati graphic kext. I will do this tonight.
  5. Boot after installation

    Usually in safe mode you see a lot a activity before you get to /sbin fsck -fy and /sbin mount -uw / and then exit. About 1/3 of the screen is filled and then goes to the Grayish wall paper. A bit difficult to take a picture but since I can boot from ML I will find the log that tells me the start sequence.
  6. Boot after installation

    I read all the topics but it seems I am the only one with the problem. Installed with USB nad to the best of my ability I chose what I needed but when I start Yosemite with practically all the combo flags I only get half screen then the Gray wallpaer and the PC is frozen. Note that in the same laptop I have ML by iATKOS and Mavericks 10.94 by Niresh working with everything. Login into ML and remove all the Intel kexts do a repair etc same results. A fresh installation does the same. I even applied Intel kexts that work with 10.94 but same. is yosemite entirely different? anyone? If you need more details please let me know thanks