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  1. AMD 10.9/10.9.1/10.9.2 kernel, with SSE3 and opemu

    works like a charm! (fx8350)
  2. forum problem???

    im having problems with the downloads i cant find any files anyone else?
  3. Wlan Usb Stick

    Hi all i need to buy a new wlan usb adapter that i can use wlan on os x 10.8.5 at the moment i have: [*]D-Link DWL-G122 [*]LogiLink Wireless LAN 300 Mbps PCI Card 802.11n 2T2R But both dont work The D-Link adapter gets recognized with some kexts from the Ralink Utility the WirelessUtility doesnt work with 10.8.5 anymore So my question is: Do you know a good Usb Adapter which is cheap and works? Thanks for your answers
  4. Problems After Installation On Amd Fx.

    oh sorry i overread some... then i dont know :/
  5. White Screen, After Successful Installation

    i've done the first install and looked a bit around in osx now just try to boot without the safe mode bootflag and pray that it works! good luck bro!
  6. Problems After Installation On Amd Fx.

    so i did it that way and for me it works perhaps.. with some luck it works for you too - i used the bronya kernel (so i replaced the normal mach_kernel with the new file) - i booted up the clover bootloader - then, while loading, i pushed "2" so i got to the chameleon bootloader - after that i used the bootflags "-v -x kernel=amdfx GraphicsEnabler=No" (but -v is not necessary and -x is making the graphics buggy) - then i booted up the os and it worked... did you do it the same way?
  7. White Screen, After Successful Installation

    Perhaps try the benaya (or shomething like this (the one with the y)) kernel and boot with the chameleon bootloader and use the following bootflags-v -x GraphicsEnabler=No Kernel=amdfxIm not sure whether i used the kernel bootflag but just try it
  8. Problems After Installation On Amd Fx.

    I think ill try another oneBecause i always boot with verboose
  9. Problems After Installation On Amd Fx.

    It worksBut Now the Problem is the white screen which was also mentioned in another theard (see the picture)
  10. Problems After Installation On Amd Fx.

    aaaaaaaah ! okay i found it ! ill try in the next minutes and report back thank you!
  11. Please Help The Picture Explains All
  12. Problems After Installation On Amd Fx.

    i used macdrive but i couldnt find a file called mach_kernel is it in the bootloader or in the osx partition? i searched in both but i couldnt find one :/
  13. Problems After Installation On Amd Fx.

    windows windows 7 home premium
  14. Problems After Installation On Amd Fx.

    how can i use this?
  15. Support I Need You <3

    i think the 6 stays there for some seconds my boodloader takes some time to load but it works (its clover)

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