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  1. Is there a way to disable autoconfig once installed? Before that, everything works fine
  2. Same problem here, installed correctly it boots up good. After auto configuration it boots up only if flagged -x Sabertooth x58 I7 920 24 gb ram Zotac gtx 580 Ocz vertex3 Booting with -v it stucks at firewire(
  3. MacPwn Yosemite

    guys have a little problem, i'm using a ml hackintosh to prepare the bootable usb for yosemite with macpwn but it seems to last forever. It has been in running script packages for abaut 20 minutes up to now and it still says 5h 50 minutes remaining and continues growing is this even normal? Edit: now says 10 hours
  4. No way to boot the usb key

    Hello guys, I'm struggling in the last 4 days to get a mavericks hackintosh based on Niresh. I've read almost everithing at least 4 times before trying. Now i simply cant'f find a way too make mu usb drive to boot up. Tried several usb drives, tried different utilities to make in bootable, even downloaded the iso twice to be sure nothing was faulty, checked many times the bios setup, no way to make it work. Here's my rig. CPU: intel i7 920 @ 4.0 ghz (no overclock while installing) MB: Asus Sabertooth x58 Ram: 24 GB (6*4gb) team group elite 1333 (tried with only a dimm installed) GPU: 2 sli of zotac gtx 580 1,5 gb (tried to instal with only one card) Hdd 1: Samsung 840 evo 250 gb (windows 8.1 for work) Hdd 2: OCZ vertex 3 60 gb (here i would install Mavericks) Hdd 3: WD caviar green 500 gb (windows 7 for gaming) Hdd 4: Wd Caviar green 1 TB (data) Keyboard: microsoft comfort curve Mouse: Logitech Mx Revolution Please help me getting out of this, Thanks in advance for any reply. Edit: managed to solve this issue i now have a new one... Started installation with -x -v flags stucked at the guide but i can't even get to that screen What should i do? P.s. i can only work on windows, no other mac or hack installed