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  1. Hi.... I am trying to install YOSEMITE ZONE 10.10.1 (RESTORED USING TRANSMAC) is taking like FOREVER to load when it says '' HACKINTOSH ZONE''.... with the logo.... I have currently postponed the idea...... hoping to get an answer....
  2. Hi everyone! I've been trying to make a HACKINTOSH for at least 3 months but..... . As I didn't have access to any MAC... I tried to make one using one of Niresh's DISTRO of Mavericks here. After it downloaded it, ALAS, I accidentally extracted it.... Whatever, I transformed that "extracted" folder into .iso file and tried to write it to my Kingston Data Traveler 101 G2 8 GB using Win 32 Disk Imager. However, after the program wrote the .iso file to USB, Thankfully, the USB formatted . I used another software ISOtoUSB to write the .iso to USB & it perfectly.. However when I booted from Usb it showed a message that "No Operating System found.....Try unplugging any drives that do not contain any operating system" I tried several times but it JUST DOESN'T BOOT FROM USB. I checked that the boot priority was as 1. USB Device 2. CD-ROM 3. HDD my system is Dell Optiplex 755 Chipset; Intel Q35 Express Chipset (ICH9DO) BIOS Revision A22 Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 @2.33Ghz RAM: 3 GB Display: Intel GMA 3100 Audio: Onboard ​Hopes with you guys !