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  1. tried it. no use. still it stucks at that
  2. @ help me bro, I can boot from usb. But stuck at [iOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport] [interruptReadHandler.... I tried to backup graphic drivers in single usermode. But its in read-only cant able to chage to read-write moded. Its giving device is write locked. I'm getting bash-3.2# instead of :root# How can I bypass this thing
  3. I have no problem with booting from USB, but it gets stuck at iobluetoothhost message, how to solve it, how can I install a graphic driver b4 installing the os
  4. Thanks for the reply bro But how can I install AHCI.kext, I'm on dual boot mavericks and windows8.1. I couldn't install Yosemite bz I can't even able to boot into setup. Tried to backup kext but its giving error like "device is write locked"
  5. you mean, do i need to remove my internal bluetooth card.
  6. Nop not able to fine any way to boot into setup, actually I have dual booted windows 8.1 and mavericks, both r working stable, I can't boot with idea mode if I do windows stop working
  7. Thanks for the reply bro, video card inter HD graphics 3000, Toshiba laptop intel sandy bride processer,
  8. Even I have the same problem
  9. [iOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport] [interruptReadHandler] Reacived KIOreturnNotResponding Error retrying :1 i can see the spinning wheel, but its stuck after some time how to resolve this, tried to boot with all possible arguments I'm running stable running 10.9.4 on toshiba Intel Core i5-2430M 4GB RAM