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  1. Hi, I am using a GPT disk and boot by UEFI. Windows already running and has 6 partition: p0: Windows -> p1: EFI -> p2: MSR -> p3: empty (to install MAC OS) -> p4,5: data. I created and boot successfully from USB (UEFI), run into DiskUltitily to Erase p3 for MAC but I can't. First, this is Unllocated and I get stuck on "preparing to partition disk" for long time. Then I Restart, back to Windows and format p3 to NTFS. Try again with Erase and get this message: "MediaKit reports not enough space ...). My USB installer create by Install Clover into a small partition (in USB) and Extract MacOSXYosemite.dmg into the other partition. Is there something on Clover Customize or Patch the installer to make it erase and don't touch others partitions? I just want install Yosemite into this partition and let me edit EFI partition by myself or Install Clover into it later. I don't want to format all disk because this have many data to backup. My Current Disk: Thanks,
  2. USB Installer keeps reboot

    Sorry for missing guide under link download. I use only xpcm-free -v and it works. I tried xpcm-free with some other flags can not make it work.
  3. USB Installer keeps reboot

    Hi, I have PC with: MSI B85M-E45, Intel i5 4430 Haswell, 1TBx2 (all in MBR), AMD Radeon 7790 OC 1GB, 4GB RAM Gskill. I can boot into Installer, but it's keep reboot event all flag I try. - I dont reformat my HDD to keep my only Windows 7 and Data. - BIOS Startup set to Legacy+UEFI. - I take burst shoot to get exactly error while install with -v flag: Read HFS+ File: .. SystemLibraryExtensions.mkext is the last line and reboot. I tried with some flags but no luck: GraphicsEnabler=No, dart=0, -x, PCIRootUID=0, cpus=1 I don't have much experience in Niresh distro and hackintosh, what can cause this problem and how could I try? Thanks,