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  1. the new yosemite image cannot install in vmware possible solutions?
  2. VMware Yosemite is so laggy

    the above are enabled but the ui is still laggy i found an app called beamoff which reduced the lag but still it stucks
  3. VirtualBox Yosemite install stuck at 2 minutes left

    i tried on VMware Workstation 11 on ubuntu and the install was fine. only the ui is so much laggy i cant do anything in it.
  4. VMware Yosemite is so laggy

    i installed it in yosemite in VMware workstation 10(linux) and the ui is so laggy that it cannot be used. any solutions? system- amd A8 hp pavilion G6 - 4gh guest(8gb host)
  5. i successfully installed os x maverick in VMware. sorted out all the resolution problem but now finder and safari are not working. finder doesnt even start and safari shows a crash message! what am i doing wrong System description- HP G6 Amd A8 4Gigs of Ram Amd 7XXX Graphics Running From Ubuntu Host