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  1. Hi guys , installing Mavericks Athlon 64x2 5200 + , 3GB of DDR2 memory , I lock on Language, area Any language I choose to set the ' INSTALLATION is wrong more avanti.Può Be Problem incompatibility ? Thank you for those answers and thanks to Niresh for Work That place !
  2. Niresh installing 10.8.5 I get the following error on boot ( I often also with other releases ) . I am attaching a picture and ask you please to let me fix it because I'm about to go crazy .
  3. Loop Reboot

    re you telling me to use the flag at startup? or change version ? Actually on my pc ( amd athlon 64x2 5200+ , Asus M2N 68 cm , 3GB RAM , Nvidia geforce 8400 ) seems to work only 10.5.6 . I have so many versions but I get the same reboot loop . How can I fix it? please can you be more specific?
  4. Loop Reboot

    Hi, sorry for my english very fluently but I wanted to know a few things about installing 10.8.2 Niresh .... On my PC AMD known reboot loop ( instant reboot ) before installation. You know tell me the problem? I can only install the distro 10.5.6 ! Thank you and sorry if I violated any rules but they are new .