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  1. Plz I Only Have One Thing That Does Not Work Which Is My Battery I Need The DSDT.aml For My Computer Since We Have The Same Laptop Can You Give Me The DSDT and the kexts that make it work?
  2. OK So i cant play Games Like Minecraft ? And How Did U Get Your Wifi To Work On Yosemite?? And Is There A Way To Switch From Camelion To Clover Without Formatting My Hackintosh??
  3. Thank U SOOOOOOOO MUCH U Saved My Life Im Using Camelion I Neeed To Change It U Saved My Life But Do I Need Any Kexts???
  4. HI I Need Help Badly I Have A Ati Readon 5730 HD 1G vram Graphics Card I have ben trying to fix the issue i need this desperately i cannot get it to work My Specs Are ASUS n61jq Laptop Intel Core i7 Processor 4G Ram ATI Readon 5730 HD 1G Video Ram OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks PLz Help Me I Need My Graphics Card To work So BADDDD If Anyone Can Help Me That Would Be AWESOME IM CRYING FOR HELP every time i try to fix it i screw my hackintosh up