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  1. Ati Readon 5730 Hackintosh

    Plz I Only Have One Thing That Does Not Work Which Is My Battery I Need The DSDT.aml For My Computer Since We Have The Same Laptop Can You Give Me The DSDT and the kexts that make it work?
  2. Ati Readon 5730 Hackintosh

    OK So i cant play Games Like Minecraft ? And How Did U Get Your Wifi To Work On Yosemite?? And Is There A Way To Switch From Camelion To Clover Without Formatting My Hackintosh??
  3. Ati Readon 5730 Hackintosh

    Thank U SOOOOOOOO MUCH U Saved My Life Im Using Camelion I Neeed To Change It U Saved My Life But Do I Need Any Kexts???
  4. Ati Readon 5730 Hackintosh

    HI I Need Help Badly I Have A Ati Readon 5730 HD 1G vram Graphics Card I have ben trying to fix the issue i need this desperately i cannot get it to work My Specs Are ASUS n61jq Laptop Intel Core i7 Processor 4G Ram ATI Readon 5730 HD 1G Video Ram OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks PLz Help Me I Need My Graphics Card To work So BADDDD If Anyone Can Help Me That Would Be AWESOME IM CRYING FOR HELP every time i try to fix it i screw my hackintosh up