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  1. hello i have same graphics card. please tell how u got it to work
  2. Intel HD 4400

    To start off I am a complete noob to hackintoshes. I need the kext to that graphics card. I have Intel i3 4130 CPU
  3. Battery Percentage Problems

    Hello, I am having a problem with my laptops battery percentage. It shows up as 0% with an X on the battery. I have installed VoodooBattery and it still doesn't work. Help would be appreciated
  4. WiFi Not Working

    Does no one view this?!?
  5. WiFi Not Working

    Everything works fine on my Hackintosh except the wifi. I know that the inbuilt wifi card of my laptop will not work, so I bought a D-Link DWA 125 Wifi Adapter and when I plug it in, nothing happens. Please help.
  6. Problem With Resolution

    I just installed Niresh Mavericks on my laptop and everything seems to be working fine. I even have the transparent finderbar. The only thing that doesn't work it the resolution. I need it to be 1366x768, but it keeps using the default res. I already edited some things in the bootloader file and it still did not work. Specs: Intel Core i3 M370 Integrated Intel HD Graphics (1st Gen) 4 GB DDR3 RAM