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  1. Instant reboot when trying to boot usb

    same problem HERE!!! Help please?
  2. Hello ppl. I have triede to install "niresh 10.9.5 marvicks" on my computer for two long days. But every time i start my computer onto my usb stick and enter "0,1 niresh", i just get a little flash of the apple logo, and then it reboots my computer. I have went to my bios serveal times, changed and changed so many things, and nothing works, and yes, I have enabled AHCI.... I don't know how i'm supposed to take a pic of the flashing apple logo, because it just takes 1 sec, and then my pc restarts. I have done every thing the tutorials tells me, I've followed niresh instruction and so on, but nothing seems to work so i wonder if any of you could help me? I hope for the best!! -Toby Here is my pc specs: -CPU (Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.20GHz) -Graphic card (AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series) -Motherboard Chipset (ASRock H55M-GE @ Intel chipset) -Ethernet (Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller) -Audio Card (AMD High Definition Audio) -RAM (Kingston DDR3 1333 GHz)