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  1. Freezing While Installing:

    A part of it true, Actually that's the case for Mac users who are installing yosemite app directly and it takes a lot of time for copying the encrypted files and other things.. But for Hackinoshs its different, Mine is due to unsupported graphics.. Which I figured out by looking the logs and my laptop got freeze..
  2. Freezing While Installing:

    Thanks, Sure but I am still figuring out a way to get native resolution working. Also there are some few glitches with yosemite like flickering screen (some times) due to lack of GMA 4500 kexts. But if you wanna try, get hold of a mavericks laptop and download from app store and use unibeast and don't select laptop option. while installing try boot in '-v' mode and use different flags based on the errors... There are lot of others ways to install even without having a mac around but i will post them soon if you want complete installation tutorial..
  3. Freezing While Installing:

    Sorry for above post guys, My Bad - I didn't research much. But now I am able to figure out the problem.. Success..!!! Finally Installed Yosemite on my Dell Inspiron 1545..!!! But still need to install all the kexts for wifi, audi, resolution, graphics..
  4. Freezing While Installing:

    HI, I have a old dell inspirion 1545 laptop with me and running Mountain Lion on it. My System Info: Notebook: Dell Inspiron 1545 (Inspiron 15 Series) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 2Ghz L2 Cache Size:2048 Graphics Adapter: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500MHD 3 GB DDR2 SDRAM I used Unibeast and tried to install Yosemite. I am able to get to installation screen but it freezes while performing installation. Some times while erasing disk, Some times while extracting the files.. I waited a long time(6 hours) but there is no luck. Can anyone please help me with this. Thanks. I used below boot flags, not all at a time but randomly depending on the error. Some times it went fine without any boot flags. Using boot falgs -f -x -v , PCIRoot=1, Graphics Enabler=Yes, UseKernalCache=yes npci=0x3000 Also I used "command L" to see the installation process, The system freezes at extracting at some where around '200 to 400' line every time and last line before freezing was.. something about extracting error sometimes kexts signing error.. Thanks again for reading this mail. Please let me know your thoughts. Also let me know any one ever installed at least Mavericks with this System configuration. Thank you.