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  1. OK now the problem is solved! That was such ridiculous… Just had to put Dual link to zero and everything went back to normal so I can play AOE 3 without problems now everything is perfect on that laptop now than to CLOVER boot loader the only problem now is sleep. When I close the lid it goes to sleep and it does not wake up proper;y. I did find an application that can make the job and it is called no sleep but still I wish I could make it Vanilla...
  2. No with Clover no Kext for VIDEO. I have just tested it yesterday on Mountain lion Too and it worked. the only Problem i have encountered is I tried to install Age of empires 3 and when the game started the screen went black and no way to revert it (as far as I know). So if you want to use your laptop for day to day use, internet, Emails, youtube, Facebook, etc... You'll have no problem. That is where I am now with this laptop on a 3 days research.
  3. Glad to see I can Help you!!! First you Need Clover as your boot loader. Don't ask me why, it is the only way I have managed to do it. I have used Clover and YOSEMITE 10.10.I have the same exact laptop and it works. Full resolution and Full QE/CI. If you don't know how to use Clover, then you will have a bit of reading... then you'll be good to go. In your graphic injector menu just add these InjectEDID [+] GraphicInjector [+] FBConfig: Null Port 3 LoadVideoBios [+] click link to See picture Below for sound to work just use voodoo 2.8.7 PKG (google it) or if you are better than me you can use a patched AppleHDA https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Niresh12495/Imgs_move/master/hackintosh/1415489792__post-873416-0-53471000-1365272735.png if you need help I'll see what I can do