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  1. What is your bios settings, I have the same problem and same motherboard. Fx8350 msi 970a-g46 gtx 750ti 8gb ram 160 hdd (dont know brand, fairly old)
  2. https://twitter.com/HackintoshZone/status/535772053438074882
  3. https://twitter.com/HackintoshZone/status/535772053438074882
  4. Sorry im a noob but i think it maybe the fx processer? i have the same one and am having the same problem. there is another post that has an fx but not the same model and also has this problem. im going to see if my its something to do with the kernal??? [ i am a noob so don't just base you facts on this]
  5. Im sorry i cant help but im having the same issue, but anyways i wanted to just help out buy saying you can paste the log on paste.ee also here is My Log if anyone finds out whats wrong. FX 8350 8GB GTX 750 ti MSI 970A-G46
  6. I am trying to install 10.10 on my AMD FX-8350 and i have a GTX - 750 Ti with 8gb of ram and i keep getting "The OS X installation couldn't be completed" during the install along with the log file this is the screen i got (HERE) is the install Log