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  1. So I wanted to update my hackintosh running on the latest Yosemite Zone to 10.10.3. How can I do that without causing kernel panics and error? I currently have a HP Pavilion dv6 running smoothly Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 Intel Core i5 Intel/AMD graphics And when I had Niresh Mavericks installed i wanted to update it to 10.9.5 and found this link: This tutorial helped me successfully update Mavericks to 10.9.5 without errors or kenel panics, will it work if i do the same? Thanks in advance.
  2. So I’ve been meaning to install Hackintosh Zone 10.10.1 on an HP Pavilion x360. I was able to boot the installer with /hp bootflag but /hp1 didn’t work. Every time I try to install it, an error occurs shortly after starting : An error has occurred while extracting files from “Essentials.pkg”. I tried again but the installer wouldn’t even boot (there was like a kernel panic), I looked it up in verbose mode (-v) and it ended weirdly; the words in the last lines had tripled or doubled letters (nnnaannoosseeccoonnddss : nanoseconds)*. I thought it was the USB so I tried it on a lenovo laptop, which worked flawlessly, but I reburnt the dmg file to my USB anyways. So can anyone please help?? Or give me installation instructions?? *will try to provide pictures later on but please help right now.
  3. I'm actually downloading it. I'll report back if it works. Btw does anyone knows the difference between /hp and /hp1 ?
  4. if someone with an hp laptop / insyde bios tried it please report back.
  5. @MaverickShevy was this fixed in the newest Yosemite Zone Distro (12/12/2014)?
  6. I don't know any burning programs but i think any will work and do you have a windows installation cd or dvd ?
  7. you can simply burn it on a dvd
  8. Did the new Yosemite Zone Distro fix the problem with hp laptops? Please Help I need to know if i can download the new version. Last Distro, on hp laptops chameleon wouldn't load and stays stuck at _/ and i need chameleon to use the /hp flag. So is it fixed?
  9. Thanks but can i still use /hp flag? @MaverickShevy
  10. Stuck at Hackintosh Zone Logo, after installation

    @arianarestrepo30 1) Try partitioning your hard drive because mac cannot run on a 1TB+ drive: you can do so in the Yosemite installer open disk utility from the status bar by pressing utilities. 2) -v is for Verbose which will show you a very detailed boot of the system. with this you can see where the boot gets stuck and report where, what line... so you only write -v so you can troubleshoot and report your problem
  11. please i downloaded the dmg and successfully burnt it to an 8GB USB. But when i want to boot the USB, before i even get to the selection screen and write flags and select which drive to boot i get stuck at this symbol _- or _/ something like that. I have an HP Pavilion dv6 Insyde Bios. I already installed niresh mavericks and it works perfectly. So what's wrong with Yosemite? Can it be fixed and how?

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