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  1. Boot after installation

    Do you get to the loading screen with the progress bar, or does it freeze before that? Post a screenshot from verbose mode so we can see at what step you're getting stuck.
  2. Boot stuck in PCI configuration end

    How long did it get stuck here? My system stays here for about 10-15 minutes before continuing, it holds up at umounting, and finally gets held up at Resetting IOCatalogue.
  3. Does it load at all, or does it load part of the way then freeze entirely? I'm running into the later situation. Run with the arguments -v and -x, let it go for a good while (~15 minutes), and tell me where it gets stuck, or better yet, post a picture of where it got stuck. If I manage to resolve my issue, I'll be back to help you!
  4. It installed without any issues at all. When I reboot it goes very slowly and gets stuck around half way. I rebooted with -x and -v and it gets stuck at Resetting IOCatalogue. I've Googled it, but only found one related thread and it was unresolved. I'm not sure what's going on. I can't boot directly off of the hard drive so I'm booting into the install USB and picking the installation partition from there. If anyone can figure it, it'd be eternally grateful.