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  1. graphics problem has been detected

    i install new build and nothing same problem i try update to 10.10.1 and install webdrivers and works fine only 1 big problem not open anyting program only system preference , i try in diskutility in usb installer repair permison and same problem dont open anityng works all drivers fine :S
  2. graphics problem has been detected

    i try install mavericks ,and install yosemite select backup graficx kext nvidia and boot my system with this resolution 1024*768*32 no grapichs aceleration and download the kext wizard install backup graphics kext edit chameleon plist and remove line Graphics Mode 1024*768*32 and reboot the same error graphics problem has been detected not idea why crashing drivers
  3. graphics problem has been detected

    Installed yosemite successfully and boot normally create my account and dont open any program this message "graphics problem has been detected" My setup fx8150 asus crosshair iv extreme pny nvidia 450 gts i try graphicsenabler=no and yes ,and nothing -x dont boot