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  1. [HOW] Install Yosemite 10.1.3 on AMD

    i cant open my usb after installing mcpwn
  2. yosemite wont boot

    figure it out??
  3. yosemite wont boot

    I get a / and a flashing _ under same as last time i have a amd fx6300 msi 970a g43 with osx mavericks installed with no problems if anyone has any solutions i will greatly appreciate it thanks in advance
  4. How to clone my mac 10.9.5 to new HDD ?

  5. Can't boot

    what about -x
  6. I didnt understand are you saying windows wont start up??
  7. Dual Boot Maverick on pc tutorial ???

    partition your hard drive on disk utility to two partitons one for windows one for mac
  8. do you have a graphics card? I got that error when i left graphics enabler on. Marked it off then it worked. fx 6300 here gtx 650
  9. Can't boot into installer

    Now I have a dash - and a flashing _ under it