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  1. All is well now with Yosemite: Yesterday I installed new Yosemite Zone (uploaded 3-4 days back) with default options, now My Yosemite is working fine with nice graphics and Audio on Asus K53-SV Laptop. I just installed ethernet, wifi and rehab battery kext additionally. Rest is fine. Bk Kalia New Delhi India Linkedin: bkkalia
  2. May be all issues solve with new DMG. So I'm downloading latest niresh yosemite. Regards Bk kalia
  3. I installed OSX 10.10 with niresh's YOSEMITE ZONE. I reinstalled many times while trying for Audio-video solution with different kexts. I'm using 10.9 without any issue but unable to FIX with OS X 10.10 since last 2 weeks. Yosemite installs & working fine But I had no luck with GPU and Audio kexts and every time I have start it with -f flag otherwise yosemite stuck at Apple logo in the middle. ISSUES: My Graphics response is slow & breaking and in system properties shows only 3MB (see attached picture) (I tried many kexts and Chameleon Wizard GPU Settings. No Audio Device (tried niresh's All in One Audio Solution.mpkg, Multibeast ALC & Universal Kexts). My Laptop Configuration is as under: Model: ASUS K53-SV - CPU ( Intel Core i5 2540M SandyBridge 2,4 Ghz) - Graphic Card intel HD 3000 (with 2GB nVidia GeForce GT540M) - MotherBoard Chipset (Intel HM 65) - Audio Card (Chipset Realtek ALCxxx) (but Not sure about sound chip number) - Rest is working fine