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  1. App store , Face Time FIX en0

    Hello, Hope this can solve the problem. Open the System Preferences app and go to the Network section. On the left-hand column in the Network section, select each of the items and remove it by clicking the minus sign on the bottom of the column. Then, go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration in your main hard drive and delete NetworkInterfaces.plist. Or alternatively, drag it to the desktop (as a backup, in case things go wrong). By removing all of the Network items in System Preferences and deleting NetworkInterfaces.plist, you have effectively reset the network configuration for Mac OS X. Reboot (you may have to reconfigure your internet connection afterwards). removing your network interfaces and rebooting, the order you reinstall your network interfaces is important. After you reboot, go back to your System Preferences > Network. Click the + button at the bottom of the left column. On the window that comes up, choose Ethernet first! (Important! I chose Wi-fi first my initial time through, and it didn't fix the problem). Click Apply. Then click + again and add your wi-fi. Click apply again, and your wi-fi should connect. At this point, I rebooted, and tried an App Store update again, and it worked! If Ethernet is not an option on your drop-down, then close the settings, open up Multibeast, and install a network driver (for me it was the Intel1000 driver). Once you've installed the driver from Multibeast, reboot again. Then go back to System Preferences > Network, click the + and you should see Ethernet in the drop-down. Create Ethernet first, and then click Apply. Then go back and add Wi-fi. The reason why you have to add Ethernet first (afaik) is to ensure it's set as en0. en0 en0. Shoutout to and @KUROSAGI and @JasonHears there for posting this and @sis735 here for pointing out an error in my post .tnx hope it helps !! For me it worked just followed this instruction and rebooted worked right after it booted up internet was already ReConfigured automatically for me hope it does for you too tnx again and keep having a good day !!
  2. -CPU (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.49Ghz) Problem explained further -Graphic Card by exact name (nVidia GT 430) Working - MotherBoard Chipset (Working) - Wlan (TP-Link WN725N) Working with original files - Ethernet (Working) - Audio Card (Working ) -APPStore IMSG FaceTime---Not Working Hello I have a Gateway Sx2800-01c in previous niresh dmg tutorials I followed everything worked perfectly (Audio,internet and graphics) just with the use of this bootflag @ instalation time : USBBusFix=Yes -x -v ... SOLUTIONS: So I formated the partition and started from 0 here , Installed Yosemite 10.10 Zone and installed everything without any bootflag , that lead me to booting error . So now every time I boot up I Insert this bootflag :/ USBBusFix=Yes -f it seems to be the only bootflag that boots up the system. Now Ive managed to get Ethernet,graphics,Audio I used these : - All in one Network Solution in Downloads Session / Network/ - Graphics Kext... I found in another website i have Nvidia gt430 here is the link to it: (AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.Kext) installed it with Kext Wizard that comes Pre-Installed ... - Audio I used the All in one Audio Solution + ALC662(10.9.4) in download session /Audio/ PROBLEMs : -this is a Core 2 Quad .. but in System Report it say this : Number of Processors: 1 1? isnt it supposed to be 2 here? Total Number of Cores: 4 -Appstore,Imsg,Facetime,Icloud NotWorking Looking forward for this amazing Hackintosh machine I am using everyday. cheers To ALL DEVS IN HERE!! and if someone foinds a solution for CPu plz post it in here it could help other Gateway Owners