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  1. Hello there I have been trying to make a hackintosh for days now, and i finally got it working, but then when i installed a usb Audio controller "forte focusrite" it freezes the moment I select one of the clover options. CPU= Intel 4790k 4.0GHz with a turbo of 4.4GHz RAM= 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz GPU= AMD Readeon Sapphire vapor-x OC edition 7770 Motherboard= Asus Maximus 7 Hero (Z97 chipset) Ethernet= Intel Ethernet Controller 218-V Wlan= Atherous AR938x Audio= Realtek alc1150 & Forte focusrite SSD= Intel 530 Series 120GB Really sorry to have to ask for help but I am completely lost, I installed the .dmg from the official website. restarted and then at the clover bootloader, I select the boot from Yosemite and then it and i see the boot screen then the loading bar appears and then the reset button on the case and motherboard do not respond no matter how many times i click them, then you have to hold the power button down to get it to restart the same thing happens when you select the recovery partition. I then tried uni-beast that needs the USB to boot into Yosemite for some reason... and it installs but then it wont be detected by the daemon service? Thank you very much for your time