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  1. When I said 'Put it in virtualbox' i meant go to your virtual machine click setting click storage and add the iso there.
  2. Ok I have found a pretty awesome fix this time I will make a youtube video for this as it is quite hard to explain then I will edit this comment and give you the link to the video ok.
  3. Ok try this. Download the latest version of the iso from the url: Then put it in virtualbox. Ok now make the virtual hard disk a vhd. Then install it onto that. This might work. The other way is to get the mavericks iso and then once installed onto the hard disk download MacPwn and that will give you instructions to update to Yosemite.
  4. I've thought of something but im not sure if it works. When you get to the boot screen type '-x -v' then press enter and then see what happens.
  5. I will try and find another solution for the guys it didn't work for. Ok.
  6. I think I have found a fix for the problem. Ok, when it is stuck press the Host key (default is Right Ctrl) + R This will bring up the reset option. Click 'Reset' Ok now boot into the hard disk that you installed yosemite on. It should load! This worked for me! I've edited this and I am sorry that this didn't work for everyone. I will try and find a way to fix it ASAP!