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  1. XFX R9 280x

    if you install Yosemite with "AMD replace kexts for Yosemite" from in their downloads section you will have better luck.... you can try those kexts for Mavericks, but I am not too sure.
  2. Voodootcsync causeing crash

  3. Endless White Screen

    go to and under downloads section is Kexts... get the "AMD replace kexts for Yosemite" I have the exact same system you have and this is only thing that will fix your graphics and voodoohd sound
  4. Help Installing Yosemite on AMD

    I don't think that motherboard has AHCI... I may be wrong.
  5. Voodootcsync causeing crash

    when loading the Yosemitezone bootup is good until it crashes at Voodootcsync I have an AMD why is that loading. Any way to stop that kext from loading?
  6. YosemiteZone startup reboots

    YosemiteZone 10.10.1 seems to reboot when it gets to voodoohda.kext . atleast that's what I see last on the screen before reboot. I know this motherboard does have a sound issue cause sound doesn't work on any of niresh's or my vanilla install. Asus m5a99x evo, amd FXpiledriver, Gigabyte R9 270x.