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  1. I am already using Yosemite. I need to Install Mountain Lion, and Niresh's won't work for me ... That's my problem... Or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Getting boot errors after instalation
  2. hehe, glad it works. I boot the same way only now I've added USBBusFix=Yes just because I wanna be able to boot with my Audio interface plugged in. Niresh's Yosemite works extremely well.. I am very pleasantly surprised!
  3. I don't think Mountain Lion has support for AMD and if it does you probably need to add a certain boot flag .. search the forum and guides, you'll find something.
  4. so happy it helped!!!! It took me a while to figure it out and it´s my first ever try at a hackintosh... I DO however need to switch to Mountain Lion and I can't seem to be able to ... the Niresh USB dmg gets installed and then gives me boot0 error ... Don't even know with what dmg and install method to go @Macbac
  5. Hey @Macbac install again and in customize select just the first 2 options in graphics menu... Dont choose backup or anything... Then deselect ps2 mouse keyboard .... Itll boot fine... Let the OS finish repairing cache and permissions and when u get to donate ur sasafe to reboot.... Reboot without the usb plugged in .. When the boot window pops up prompting for command enter the following bootflags : -f GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v. if whats happening to you is the same as my situation, thatll get you going and yosemite will work flawlessly. Make sure u enter those flags at every boot. Hope it helps
  6. ok guys.. So I've got Yosemite working smoothly on my Hack. But I cant install software like Cubase ..etc so I need Mountain Lion. BTW.. yosemite is the ONLY Os on my computer, Created the bootable USB following Niresh's instructions... i can choose the OS X drive to boot but it stops after Got Boot device and there's no flag that can get it to move.. Tried -f -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x2000 .... Nothing. i can still perfectly boot from my Yosemite installation bootable usb which the truth is I created in Windows... The new Mountain Lion USb I created with disk utility in my Hack... Any ideas? id love to stay on Yosemite but I cant use cubase and stuff like that and I mnow it works on Mountain Lion so I need to change. any help would be highly appreciated
  7. Same issue here... Sfter installation first boot was ok... Could use the computer. After restart it only boots again with -v and -x .. It gets stuck right after it detects ps2 mouse ...