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  1. Hi, a big thanks to Niresh and this forum. A complete newbie here on hackintosh. after a few attempts my 10.9 works almost out of box on my AMD. my setup: PC specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA880GM -USB3; CPU: AMD fx4100 quad core Ram: 8GB corsair venegance Graphics: Nvidia Quadro 400 512mb best concluded method that worked: Niresh 10.9 USB Mavericks. (created bootable on win7 using win32disk imager) booted to usb (bios changes: disk : AHCI; hpet: disabled; igfx: disabled) boot flag: amdfx -v -PCIRootUID=1 AND THATS IT: Audio, network, graphic ALL WORKING PERFECTLY now the part where i need help: HOW CAN I UPDATE TO 10.9.4 WITHOUT BREAKING MY INSTALLATION. I won't know how to fix if it is broken. PLEASE HELP