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  1. DSDT.aml + Clover ASUS UX31A 0.1

    Hi I am on i7 3517U - so your CPU settings from Clover won't work. Also no Audio for me. And battery started to work after i changed the BIOS info to be a MacBook Pro 9,2 I7 Laptop boots BTW but i have to admit, that when i used the "ig-platform-ids:0x01660008, 0x01660009" in config.plist before trying yours, the boot was much smoother, without artefacts or repeated Apple logos on screen. So my questions are: - what is your screen patch if not the ig-platform-ids? - what did you used to enter your CPU data? If i remove, what can happen - does your batter life is around same as in windows (my battery lasts like only 70% of windows life)? - Audio is an absolute no-go for me whatever i do. It's the same: ALC269. I am on Yosemite 10.10.2 Any advices or solutions? TY