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  1. Graphics & Audio

    For those who has problems with sound after downloading the sound drivers then do this: A mac/hackintosh mostly cant read 2 sound drivers. That's for a lot of computers. IF you accidently downloaded/installed more drivers then find out witch one you did and deleate them. There are chances that you have this one:APPLEHDA HDAenabler If you got one of those in /S/L/E then deleate them. Then download/install the latest voodoohda from multibeast and open kextwizard and repair premission and rebuild cache When done restart the system and everything should work fine.
  2. Is It Safe To Upgrade To 10.9.1

    FOR THOSE who thinks it's save. IT DEPENDS TOTALLY what kind of things you have. You can get these common bugs: 1. Sound drivers doesnt work. Solution: deleate intelHDA in /s/l/e and repair premissions. 2. Bugs with video card, like not working and the other time it does (is really common with intel hd 3000 graphics and intel processors) solution: NONE 3. Stuck at boot. solution: Restart 1 or 2 times and wait 5 min MAX
  3. Screen Freezes

    it's a bug.I have the same problem. It's not such a huge problem but still. It can be annoying. How long does it freeze for you? Like it wont work at all but after few sec it works again??