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  1. Update to 10.10.2

    It is i7 2600 . gf 650 , samsung ssd 256mb , mainboard p8p67 le Everything is ok now but I bit worry about pressing update button . What do you think ?
  2. Update to 10.10.2

    Hi there, I've full working Yosemite 10.10.1 thanks to niresh. Is there any chance to update to 10.10.2 from appstore without any problems? How to do it safe? I'll be really appreciate for your help. Regards from Poland
  3. Unfortunately it was my mistake, after itunes update I can't lunch my hackintosh anymore. I don't think there is someone who can help me solve that problem, so just be aware of doing updates via app store
  4. USB not working

    2 my usb ports doesn't work, others 6 works ok . ( Asus P8P67 LE ) Is there anything what I could do ?
  5. Still there is no Sound Devices in Yosemite

    Same here. No idea how to add sound ALC892 ;/
  6. Install Failed: Undefined error: 0

    John, I did as you said. It's working. Unfortunatelly not as good as I wish, because I dont have native resolution ( only: 1024x768). And I always need to boot with -f flag ;/ becouse normal booting take hours ;/ . And I had win7 on my ssd disk I split ssd for osx . After that I lost my posibility to boot windows. Don't really know what to do;/
  7. Install Failed: Undefined error: 0

    Got the same problem:/
  8. Hello, After almost finish instalation I got undefined error log file: . Anything what I can do is to reeboot. I install with -x npci=0x2000 . I have no idea what I can do to fix it. Anyone ? My PC: -i7 2600 -Asus P8P67 Le -SSD Samsung 256 -GTX 550 Ti I'll be really appreciate for your help .. Best regards from Poland Dziennik Instalatora 11-20-14.txt