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  1. Having now tried to install 10.10.1 from this download and getting stuck on the '2 minutes remaining' message, I'm reasonably confident this this was a good download. For what it's worth, the MD5 checksum for it is 2F65ABE96BDADEADC668B5402250C01D
  2. Have downloaded 10.10.1 and would like to check the download was good. Checksums given for 10.10 but not for 10.10.1.
  3. Tried again last night. At the '14 minutes remaining' message I noticed the HDD LED on my PC was on solid. Left it and went to bed. This morning the install screen was gone and the VB Manager screen showed that the install had aborted. I do hope the guys at Hackintosh/Niresh are looking at a fix for this.
  4. Same here trying to install Yosemite Zone under VirtualBox V4.3.20 r96996 using the same guide as I used to successfully install Niresh's Mavericks a few weeks ago. Installation looks good but stalls with 2 minutes remaining.