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  1. Installer restarts

    I'm sorry but it's not working.. same errors... please help
  2. Installer restarts

    Hello Everyone! I've been trying to install OSX Niresh - Mavericks on my laptop- Acer 5745G. 6gb ram, i5-430M processor, nvidia gt 330m graphics. I've set the mode to AHCI and also graphics to discrete and switchable in the bios. But no use. Whenever i try to run the installer, it goes to the "select boot device menu" and after that, it shows a series of code and restarts. I've even tried doing the chameleon way, it shows "driver not found". Tried the xpcm-free -v -x cpus=1 GraphicEnabler=yes/no flags. Still no use. Here is the video of direct boot from Niresh pen drive and picture using the bootdisk method. I'm trying to install using USB as the DVD drive doesn't work anymore. Please help... video: boot using niresh Picture: boot using the bootusb