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  1. Trying to get to Yosemite installer but it freezes here:
  2. I have been trying to get my graphics card to work on Mavericks. ATI Radeon HD 4250 Currently it shows this: Although I used kext utility to install some kexts I found on this site. Link I installed all of them using Kext Utility. It installed them like this: Is this not right? I believe mavericks isn't using kexts correctly somehow. Because I have installed others that don't seem to be working. I used multi beast to try and change my computer to a "Macbook" but it still shows as: Also, it says I have an intel CPU, but actually its an AMD Phenom X2. I can only use 1 core of my 2. It will only boot when I use cpus=1. Anyone know how to fix that as well?
  3. anyone help a girl out please?

    BUMP Please help with graphics!
  4. anyone help a girl out please?

    Ugh, Now my problem is finding a kext for my graphics. Its ATI Radeon HD 4250. apparently theres not one out yet. Does anyone know of an alternative?
  5. anyone help a girl out please?

    WHEWWWW I fixed it! ^^^^ This helped me!
  6. I have a gateway nv53a. AMD athlon II x2 processor p320 I was able to install and boot to setup using the tags: -v cpus=1 But it freezes during set up. Its not a specific point because the faster I select the options the further it goes through the set up. Could anyone tell me what my problem could be from the picture? Any help is very appreciated x.x -------------------- New problem! Needing to find the kext for my ATI Radeon HD 4250 card