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  1. Restart At Boot - Intel

    I tried it from Clover and it said the kernel was not found and on Chameleon it gets stuck at the same place. Actually, the kernel seems to work on laptop from Clover but I get stuck while booting setup at - Still waiting for root device. Scratch that, I coppied the kernel from the stick to the root of the OS drive and now it loads! Thanks.
  2. The installer worked just fine, I didn't have to add any other line for it to boot. So after install I'm trying to boot the OS and it simply gives me a kernel panic, then restarts. This is what I'm getting: https://i.imgur.com/fGzb7M5.jpg My system is xeon e3-1225-v2 (ivy bridge); ati 7850; mb asus p8h61. I'm still booting the bootloader from the stick, I think it's Clover. Otherwise I installed Os X on my hdd with Chameleon bootloader and that just gets me stuck with no obvious error, maybe DSMOS has arrived?.. Here's a screenshot https://i.imgur.com/ZLtHmRL.jpg I tried it on my laptop and the installer restarts there. It's a y510p with i5 4200 haswell; 755m. As far as I know I need to replace the kernel with a custom one, I wasn't able to find it for 10.8.5, just for Maveriks. I'd really like to get one operational on any of my 2 systems..