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  1. Cannot install Yosemite, reboots automaticly.

    Every time I tried to boot it, it was with /haswell. Also we need to write "haswell", not "/haswell"
  2. How can I update to 10.10.1 without losing data

    Well is it ok if I reinstall the kexts using EasyBeast since I have a Core 2 processor on my laptop? Other then that, I always boot with -v no other settings that I can lose.
  3. safe to install yosemite update 10.10.1 ?

    My problem is that to get to MAC, I have to boot the USB up until the bootloader where I choose the installer but I choose instead my HDD in which I installed it and it only boots with -v. I don't know why.
  4. Strange problem after installation Niresh 10.10

    Yeah I have this problem with me too but when it starts without the installer, it boots straight to windows so I need to have the USB key in and choose my MAC installed partition to boot it.
  5. Well I heard about the new 10.10.1 update and its bug fixes but I looked everywhere and it doesn't say how to update correctly from 10.10 to 10.10.1 without losing nothing (Losing data, settings and apps). What method should I use since last time I tried to update using the distro installer, I lost all and it reinstalled using the latest version.
  6. Help yosemite install

    I also got the reboot problem but for me it is Intel i7
  7. Cannot install Yosemite, reboots automaticly.

    I will try it thanks.
  8. Cannot install Yosemite, reboots automaticly.

    Can someone help me?
  9. USB will not load.

    Oh ok. Mine is 2013 model.
  10. USB will not load.

    Ok good since I have DELL XPS 8700. The only difference is that mine is NVIDIA with 12GB ram. And is your Dell a "Haswell" model (4th gen intel i7) ? If so, please try to use /Haswell -v to boot.
  11. Cannot install Yosemite, reboots automaticly.

    Well at least could you help me with my kernel panic and debugger problem with this link : http://s27.postimg.org/qf67xmas3/1418089575220.jpg
  12. Cannot install Yosemite, reboots automaticly.

    Well back to square one sadly. It keeps rebooting even with all the kernels used. Sadly I don't remember the combination that helped me get passed the reboot. Expect a video soon about the reboot thing while it happens.
  13. USB Memory Stick Won't Boot

    Well since you have AMD FX, try to boot with "-v /amdfx" or "-v /amd(32 or 64 depending on your PC, try them all)" without quotes.
  14. Install OS X Yosemite 10.10 on HP notebook

    Well I had a problem similar to this but for me, after it the words lag and if I look closely it says "Cannot save Panic Log to NVRAM" and "Ddeebbuuggeerr nnoott ccoonnffiigguureedd" (which means "Debugger not configured" but I wrote it exacly like it was on my screen)