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  1. try to put the boot flag "cpus=1" i used that one and it works for me i have a hp latptop too that´s a problem reffering to cpu cores and with this boot flag your laptop will use just one core in case that your cpu has two or more cores
  2. Adobe Flash Installation Fail

    I have the same problem :/ please niresh or other help us it is so frustrating Processor: AMD Fx 6300 Motherboard: Gigabyte 73LMT-USB3 Ram: 8 GB DDR3 Video: GTX 650
  3. Hi i have this problem. When i try to open for example:Word a message appears saying "Microsft Word has been closed unexpectedly" and that happens with most programs (all office, bittorent, etc) and another problem is that i cant install flash player cause there appears the same problem when i start the installer this is the log of word Process: Microsoft Word [281] Path: /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Microsoft Word Identifier: Version: ??? Build Info: Unknown-100825~0 Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Microsoft Word [281] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2014-12-08 17:20:35.914 -0600 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.10 (14A389) Report Version: 11 Anonymous UUID: 5EEDE7A8-69A3-8C7E-F9E5-5E5038793A95 Time Awake Since Boot: 88 seconds Crashed Thread: 0 Exception Type: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000 Thread 0 Crashed: 0 dyld 0x8fe6cbcf _sysenter_trap + 3 1 dyld 0x8fe6baaf mach_init + 26 2 dyld 0x8fe4519c dyldbootstrap::start(macho_header const*, int, char const**, long, macho_header const*, unsigned long*) + 278 3 dyld 0x8fe45047 _dyld_start + 71 Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit): eax: 0xffffffe4 ebx: 0xbff82bc4 ecx: 0xbff82b1c edx: 0x8fe6bda6 edi: 0x00000001 esi: 0x8fe6bac8 ebp: 0xbff82b28 esp: 0xbff82b1c ss: 0x00000023 efl: 0x00010246 eip: 0x8fe6cbcf cs: 0x0000001b ds: 0x00000023 es: 0x00000023 fs: 0x00000000 gs: 0x00000000 cr2: 0x8fea14b4 Logical CPU: 5 Error Code: 0x00000000 Trap Number: 6 Binary Images: 0x8fe44000 - 0x8fe77e03 dyld (353.2.1) <EBFF7998-58E8-32F5-BF0D-9690278EC792> /usr/lib/dyld External Modification Summary: Calls made by other processes targeting this process: task_for_pid: 0 thread_create: 0 thread_set_state: 0 Calls made by this process: task_for_pid: 0 thread_create: 0 thread_set_state: 0 Calls made by all processes on this machine: task_for_pid: 146 thread_create: 0 thread_set_state: 0 VM Region Summary: ReadOnly portion of Libraries: Total=288K resident=180K(62%) swapped_out_or_unallocated=108K(38%) Writable regions: Total=8760K written=4K(0%) resident=20K(0%) swapped_out=0K(0%) unallocated=8740K(100%) REGION TYPE VIRTUAL =========== ======= Stack 64.0M VM_ALLOCATE 8K VM_ALLOCATE (reserved) 396K reserved VM address space (unallocated) __DATA 168K __LINKEDIT 80K __TEXT 208K mapped file 32.8M shared memory 4K =========== ======= TOTAL 97.6M TOTAL, minus reserved VM space 97.2M Model: MacPro3,1, BootROM, 6 processors, 3.52 GHz, 8 GB, SMC 1.30f3 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650, PCIe, 1024 MB Memory Module: Bank4/5/A2, 4 GB, RAM, 1333 MHz, None, None Memory Module: Bank6/7/A3, 4 GB, RAM, 1333 MHz, None, None Network Service: Ethernet, Ethernet, en0 Serial ATA Device: WDC WD1600AAJS-75WAA0, 160 GB Serial ATA Device: Hitachi HDT725032VLA360, 320.07 GB Serial ATA Device: Hitachi HTS543216L9SA00, 160.04 GB USB Device: HP LaserJet Professional P1102w USB Device: USB OPTICAL MOUSE USB Device: USB Gaming Keyboard Thunderbolt Bus: with all the programs that i tried the logs are the same AMD FX 6300 78LMT USB 3 GIGABYTE 8 GB RAM DDR3 1300 if someone can help me i will be thakful to him