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  1. My hpet is enabled. ..I was trying different ticks on installation screen..which one time enabled I could use usb and dvd I tried a graphic patch grapphics worked well but keyboard mouse stopped I once again tried..aftr that I dint get usb n dvd enabled..I jus can use on safe mode..I cant even open with out niresh dvd
  2. This is what I got when I put verbose main problem is I open in -x safe mode.may be thats the reason dvd disks not reading usb flash not reading.and ofcourse internet and Audio graphics as well
  3. How do I post the image I got when -v put bootloader dvd drive and usb flash not recognizing. And network and Audio not I opened with -x only
  4. thanx man i opened mac os x niresh with niresh dvd itself but in safe mode,,,and i cant use pendrive or dvd drive.which is not working so that i cant use multi beast,,,,please tell me how do i enable this feature,,,,,,thanks in advance deepak ,,,u guys doing wonderfull job thumbs up
  5. I burn niresh distro on dvd..while installing I checked bootloader chemilion I guess.then I did partition then installation worked until the first restart...then I cant use pc..even I put niresh dvd it start from begining steps of installation...or else boot0 error shows
  6. hi experts, After installation complete i put iboot cd to show niresh installed,but when i press enter only apple logo comes and stay nothing else happening.i tried many boot flags still the same,,i know that gigabyt motherboard is good for hackintosh, but i already bought intel db75en,,i put sata to ahci and 64 bit,,still nothing happening,,withou iboot cd i cant c installed niresh .so somebody please helpmy system specification on signature i tried niresh 10.8. thanks in advance