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  1. Black Screen On Update Help!!!

    My installation of Niresh 10.9 works flawlessly. When I installed Combo Update for 10.9.3 it booted to a black screen which indicated to me it was a graphics issue. My install requires no boot flags at start up. So with the black screen I tried entering -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No. It didn't work. I tried -f -s and SkipIntelGfx= Yes since I have Intel HD. But nothing seems to work. I read on here something about downloading the updates individually but even when I tried to update to 10.9.1 I get the above result. If anyone has any solution I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Black Screen On Update Help!!!

    Ok I give up. My 10.9 install works flawlessly but no matter what i do I get a black screen when booting 10.9.3. I was able to remove all graphics kexts from the 10.9.3 installed update on my hard drive but still boots to black screen with every combination of graphics related flags available. What gives?
  3. Black Screen On Update Help!!!

    I already tired this. See post #4. I deleted all graphics kexts before updating. After update I can't boot in any mode with out the above error. boot disk utility?
  4. Black Screen On Update Help!!!

    acer aspire 5733-6838 intel 560m cpu first gen Intel hd graphics works with kexts 4 gigs ram Broadcom ethernet works with bcm5722d kext. Broadcom wifi bcm4322 works natively. Niresh 10.9 OS.
  5. Black Screen On Update Help!!!

    I take it that with 84 views and no answers that I am the only one with this issue?
  6. Black Screen On Update Help!!!

    Niresh, Thank you so much for the help. Unfortunately it didn't work. I followed your guide but after the software update I could not boot in single user mode to remove the graphics kexts that the software update must have put back in. When I boot in single user mode I get a wait for system mapper error (See attached image). If I boot with any other flags I get the black screen. I am assuming that since I have not removed the graphics kext after update that I am in the same position I was when I started. So how so I get around this error?
  7. Overheating problem!!! Help.

    Hi, I have a problem with laptop overheating and shutting off when playing games (Flash). Also runs hot during regular use. I have nullpowermanagement.kext in place and appleintepowermanagement.kext removed. I am using correct smbios for my board and I am generating p and c states via chameleon boot loader. I am thinking my last resort is a custom dsdt file. If that's my only resort I would like for someone to help me with that as I cant do it on my own. Thanks My fellow Hackintoshers!!!!
  8. Overheating problem!!! Help.

    yes fans run in osx . and yes its overheating because i will be playing a flash game and it will shut down the computer and the laptop gets real hot.
  9. Double Image On Boot.

    i tried -v and -v GraphicsEnabler= No and i get a double garbled image of the installer. I have intel hd graphics and a core i5 processor.