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  1. I just got it up and running. Desperately custom build from spare parts: Mainboard: Foxconn N15235 G31M (LGA775) CPU: core2quad q8200 Memory: 4GB RAM GFX: nvidia GT630 Ethernet: Realtek RTL8111B Audio: Realteak HDA (didn't check exact chipset, just worked out of the box) I only had to set the usual BIOS settings: SATA ony, S3 state etc... No kext needed, no boot options. I could install Niresh 10.9 DMG file from USB HDD without any options an i didn't need to fix anything afterwards. This hackintosh is a replacement for my broken 4th gen iMac which i used for all my quarkxpress and photoshop work. Thanks for the excellent work.