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  1. I was able to get yosemite installed, but during the installation i noticed that the 'connect via wifi' option was greyed out when i was setting up yosemite. Now i have no wifi, and when i try to go into the network preferences to add wifi, i always get "there was an error in network prefernces". Ive already tried the kext utility and the i802 kext thing, along with the wifiinjector. Nothing is working. Any fix? or suggestions? - AMD ATHLON II - nvidia Geforce - using linksys wireless-g usb adapter
  2. AMD-Can't Proceed [PCI configuration begin] on installation

    sheesh really? i though you were talking about the pci configuration thing. 0x3000 worked for me with yosemite
  3. So i need help. I was finally able to move past the "still waiting for root device" mayhem, and i was able to get Yosemite to install. Now my problem is that is cannot boot into yosemite itsself, instead, whenever i get here (, and hit enter, my computer reboots. It doesnt matter if i boot verbose, single user, ignoring caches, i always get rebooted. Can anybody help me fix this, i do not know what else to do at this point. when Trying to boot verbose or anything, text flashes on the screen for a second, and the very last line is "No SMSBIOS Replacement found', then my computer reboots i am running an 64amd athlon II, 3gb of ram (i know it says a minimum of 4 but it runs ok on 3), bootflags are -v -x /amd64 cpus=1 npci=0x3000. Again, can somebody help my fix this.
  4. AMD-Can't Proceed [PCI configuration begin] on installation

    Try using npci=0x3000 as one of the boot flags.
  5. what is this? how do i fix it? im booting from an external hard drive (should work the same as a usb right?). i cant even get to the page to put the boot flags in, im a real noob when it comes to dual booting mac and windows, so please be patient with me if i dont understand. How do i fix this?